Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council was constituted on 2 July 2015 to support the management of ETSEQ and the departments of Chemical Engineering (DEQ) and Mechanical Engineering (DEM).

Its main objectives are to keep the teaching curricula up to date in order to be able to provide a better service and to advise management on strategic and operational matters.

The ETSEQ Council is chaired by Dr Francesc Xavier Grau, member of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of ETSEQ, former Secretary for Universities and Research of the Catalan Government, and former Rector of the URV, and is made up of representatives from local companies, professional associations and political institutions.

To keep ETSEQ in touch with the needs of society and industry in matters of education, research and technology transfer.

To advise and help define and implement the strategic plan.

Council members are proposed by the ETSEQ management, in agreement with the Council presidency and the directors of DEQ and DEM.

Name COMPANY/INSTITUTION Discipline Responsibility Alumni

Antoni Aldecoa Llauradó

Schwartz-Hautmont Mechanical industry Corporate director NO
Carlos Álvarez Herrero Convestro, SL Chemical industry In charge of technical services  
Marta Bellobí Girona GRINIUM Renewable energy and the environment under & Managing Partner of GRINIUM. Innovation in lighting at the service of competitiveness and sustainability YES
Joan Josep Colina Vidal Indústries Teixidó Mechanical industry Director of Engineering NO
Santiago Crivillé Andreu Council of Associations of Industrial Technical Engineers Technical engineering Former chairman of COETIC NO
Josep Maria Cruset Domènech Riudoms Town Council, Tarragona Provincial Council Local political administration Mayor and vice-president of the Provincial Council YES
Marc Fargas Mas ERCROS Chemical industry Director of the ERCROS Industrial Complex in Tarragona YES
Josep Andreu Figueras Port of Tarragona Logistics President NO
Barbara Garcia Arias DSM  Chemical industry, food, materials Business Development Manager YES
Carles Grasas i Alsina Applus+ IDIADA Mechanical engineering Executive vice-president  NO
Andrew G. Gum DSM Nutritional Products Food industry Global Product Manager Global Product Responsibility for Vitamin B1, B6 and Biotin NO
Jesús Loma-Ossorio Convestro, SL Chemical industry Managing Director of Covestro, S.L., President of the AEQT (Association of Chemical Companies in Tarragona) and President of Chemmed (Chemical Cluster of Tarragona) NO
Maria Mas Chacón REPSOL Petrochemical industry Director of engineering and development  YES
Antoni Mata de la Cruz SCA Paper industry Site Manager (SCA plants in Puigpelat) NO
Josep Moragas Pagès UNIÓ. Food cluster AINS. Association of Innovative Companies in Nutrition and Health Food industry Commercial director of UNIÓ, president of AINS NO
Juan Carlos Olucha Alcalde BASF Chemical industry Vice-president for Operations BASF Schwarzheide GmbH YES
Aleksandra Rozek Barry Callebaut Belgium Food industry Innovation Manager YES
Felip Vidiella Salvadó Dow Chemical Chemical industry Director of R&D Plastics Europa&IMEAF YES
Name COMPANY/INSTITUTION Responsibility Alumni
Dr Francesc Xavier Grau Vidal URV

Chairman of the Advisory Council

Dr Ioanis Katakis URV Director of ETSEQ NO
Dr Ricard Garcia Valls URV Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering NO
Dr Silvia De la Flor Lopez URV Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering NO