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Activities for secondary-school students

The informative talks focus on topics of scientific interest related to chemical engineering, mechanical engineering and food bioprocess engineering. The contents are adapted to the level of students who are studying upper-secondary education or the final stages of vocational training. The talks are usually held in the secondary school.

Check the scientific talks on offer here.

Visits to ETSEQ for small groups of students (about 15-20 maximum) to learn about the Faculty and the courses on offer. The workshops are designed for students in the scientific-technological branch of upper-secondary education and upper vocational training and focus on chemical engineering and mechanical engineering.                                                                                                                                               

Check the offer of workshops here.

The Forum for Research Projects and Final Credits is organized by the Department of Education, and sponsored by the Tarragona Chemical Business Association (AEQT) to contribute to the training of young people. ETSEQ takes part in workshops designed for secondary school students during the forum.

Every day from 9 am to 1 pm, during the second or third week of July, ETSEQ organizes a series of activities related to mechanical engineering for students from the fourth year of secondary education and the first year of upper secondary education with the purpose of promoting scientific vocations. Every day the activity consists of a theoretical part (taught by a university lecturer) and a practical part that students carry out in an ETSEQ laboratory. You can find more information about the courses taught by ETSEQ at the following link.

The ETSEQ offers advice and its facilities for carrying out the Baccalaureate Research Work, provided that the following conditions are met:



Dr Cristina Urbina Pons