Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Quality assurance

In compliance with the commitment to transparency required of university institutions within the framework of the European Higher Education Area, universities must have a formally established and publicly available quality policy and internal quality assurance system (SIGQ).

The URV has defined its policy and strategy in the area of teaching quality, as well as its responsibilities in ensuring the quality of the degrees taught. Therefore, it makes its commitment to quality available to the general public in the document the URV's quality policy.

Likewise, the ETSEQ has defined the quality policy of the School, which serves as a strategic guide for all action taken.

In this context, the ETSEQ has implemented and deployed an SIGQ that aims to guarantee the quality of the degrees it is responsible for teaching and their continuous improvement. In 2010, AQU Catalunya positively assessed the design of the School’s SIGQ as part of the AUDIT program.

The ETSEQ's SIGQ documents include the Quality Policy and Objectives, the Quality Manual and the SIGQ process map, with all the corresponding information.

The people in charge of ensuring the quality of the ETSEQ are:

► Head of SIGQ: Dr Manel Vallès is in charge of setting up, implementing and maintaining all the processes for the SIGQ to be successfully put into practice. She also compiles and analyses the results to make proposals for improvement and reports on progress.

Quality Commission: This committee guarantees the implementation and effectiveness of the SIGQ in the activities of the ETSEQ, in a process-based management framework and with a commitment to continuous improvement. It is also in charge of follow up, evaluation and approving proposals for improvement.