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Inspira STEAM

Inspira STEAM is a pioneering project organized and promoted by the University of Deusto for the promotion of scientific-technological vocations among girls. It involves awareness-raising actions taught by professional women from the world of research, science and technology. This is the first time that the group mentoring technique has been used in a project to promote STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) among primary school students.

The heart of our project are the mentors, who voluntarily bring their daily activities closer to girls and boys via six work sessions during school hours. They are all scientists and technologists who carry out their professional activity in different fields: academic, business, research, management, etc.

Nowadays, young people, and especially girls, need close female role-models in science and technology - STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) women, who they can try to emulate, and who are a source of inspiration. These women can help to break down the stereotypes that cause students to believe that these professions are not for them, that they are too difficult and that they will not be able to work in them. We bring these professions closer to young people and show them the fields in which they are involved, how they contribute to society and which skills they require. We want young people, girls and boys, to consider STEAM as an option for the future and not to discard them because they have no role models, because they do not know what sort of profession they can lead to or because they do not believe in their ability to achieve their goals.

Likewise, young boys also need the influence of new masculinities, an understanding of the professions and STEAM studies, and a broader view of these disciplines. In addition, they need to know the barriers that their colleagues face to allow them to overcome those barriers together.


 Edition 2020-21

  • 12 schools

  • 67 mentors

  • ▶ more than 800 pupils from year 6 of primary school


Edition 2021-22

  • ▶  18 schools

  • ▶  76 mentors

The Inspira STEAM project is growing in Tarragona and is approaching one thousand participants

The activities of the Inspira STEAM programme in the Tarragona area are possible thanks to:


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Inspira Tarragona Coordinator

Dr Cristina Urbina

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