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Andrew G. Gum

Andrew G. Gum was awarded his doctoral degree in Synthetic Organic Chemistry by the University of Florida (USA) in 1997 with a thesis on synthetic approaches to morphine, and supplemented and extended his studies during a two-year post-doctorate at Karlsruhe University (Germany), where he dedicated his time to bioorganic chemistry and the German language. In 2000, he started an industrial career as a laboratory manager with Roche Vitamins in Kaiseraugst (Switzerland). During his four years at the R&D laboratory, among other duties, he was involved in the patenting of the Teavigo process (green tea extract) and, more recently, with various synthetic and process improvements for the production of vitamin B6. In 2004, he accepted a position as an innovation project Portfolio Manager in DSM's new Nutrition Products Business Group. Following the research and development reorganization, in mid-2004, he assumed the position of Head of Strategy and Support Services. In 2006, he was appointed director of base product projects for the Apoal, Biotin, Intermediates and Vitamin D3 projects. Some highlights of these projects are:

In 2009, Andrew started working as a global product manager, first with new nutritional ingredients for human nutrition and since 2011 in his current position, he has managed three basic products: vitamin B1, vitamin B6 and biotin. These responsibilities have led him to travel often to China to collaborate with various partners and optimize global production and supply.

In his free time, he likes to be with his family (his wife Florence and their children Logan, 16, and Alek, 9) and friends. In addition, he likes to enjoy nature by running, walking, camping, riding, cycling and skiing. He enjoys cooking (both in the kitchen and outdoors doing barbecues) and travelling with his family. He speaks English, German and French. Since 2001, he has also valued living and working in the multicultural environment of the "3 Country Corner" in Rixheim (France), near Basel (Switzerland).