Universitat Rovira i Virgili

The history of ETSEQ

Directors of ETSEQ

1993-1995: Josep Anton Ferré Vidal (ETSE/ETSEQ)

1995-1997: Josep Anton Ferre Vidal

1997-2001: Francesc Castells Piqué

2001-2007: Xavier Farriol Roigés

2007-2011: Ricard Garcia Valls

2011-2019: Josep Bonet Avalos

2019-2023: Montserrat Ferrando Cogollos

 2023: Ioanis Katakis

    1973: The University School of Industrial Engineering of Tarragona, derived from the former Labor University, founded by the Ministry of Labor in 1956, was attached to the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (then Universitat Politècnica de Barcelona).

1977-78: First graduates in Technical Chemistry of the Tarragona Delegation of the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Barcelona.


1984: With the approval of the LRU and the new status of the UB, the Faculty of Chemical Sciences of Tarragona and the specialty of Industrial Chemistry are created within the Chemistry license.

30 December 1991: Law 36/1991 is approved in the Parliament of Catalonia for the creation of the Universitat Rovira Virgili.

      1992: The ETSE is created with the URV, integrating the studies of Industrial Technical Engineering of the old labor university, those of Computer Engineering of the School of Computer Science of the UB of Tarragona and those of Industrial Chemistry. The Departments of Chemical Engineering and Electrical and Mechanical Engineering are also created.
1993-1994: Beginning of the Chemical Engineering undergraduate degree courses in Tarragona.      
    27 June 1995: Work begins on the School of Engineering at the Sescelades campus.
October 1, 1995: Decree 287/1995, of October 1, is approved, approving the creation of the Higher Technical School of Chemical Engineering (ETSEQ) with the teachings of Chemical Engineering and Industrial Technical Engineering (specializing in Industrial Chemistry).    
      1997: Beginning of ITAIAA (Agricultural Technical Engineering for the Agricultural and Food Industries)
2001: The ETSEQ receives the Jaume Vicens Vives distinction from the Generalitat de Catalunya for the quality of university teaching.      
      2001-2002: The ETSEQ was relocated to the current Sescelades Campus facilities.
2002: "Global Chemical Engineer" award from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.      
      2003-2004: The studies of Industrial Technical Engineering, specializing in Mechanics, were implemented at the ETSEQ.
2006: Second distinction Jaume Vicens Vives of the Generalitat de Catalunya for university teaching quality.      
      2009: The programming of MASTER studies in the European Framework of Higher Education begins.
2010: The programming of the DEGREE studies in the European Framework of Higher Education begins.      


2015: Constitution of the ETSEQ Advisory Council.

2016: The degree in Chemical Engineering, the degree in Mechanical Engineering and the master's degree in Chemical Engineering obtain the EUR-ACE® seal.    

    2021: The master's degree in Environmental Engineering and Energy Sustainability obtains the EUR-ACE® seal.