Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Josep Antoni Mata de la Cruz

Born in 1962 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Josep Antoni is married with three children and lives in Tarragona. He has a degree in Chemical Sciences, a master's degree in Business Quality Management from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) and an MBA from the URV, with whom he collaborates occasionally.

Apart from three years of experience at Bayer, he has spent his whole professional career at SCA Hygiene Products, SL, a multinational company of Swedish origin whose ambition is to provide hygiene solutions in all areas of people's lives. He has had various responsibilities in various countries, and he is a specialist in manufacturing excellence.

Since 2004, he has directed the SCA factory in Valls. The company is a leader in its field, with 44,000 workers, operating in more than one hundred countries and with a turnover of more than 12 billion euros. The Valls factory (in the municipality of Puigpelat) employs more than 500 people and manufactures tissue and diaper products for both its own and distribution brands. It is undoubtedly the reference factory within SCA and the sector, especially for its advances in the field of human development and the management of good manufacturing practices.

Since 2009, the SCA Valls factory has often collaborated with the student programme of the ETSEQ and of other schools and faculties of the URV, conceived for the systematic incorporation talent into the company. The work experience programme is particularly important, in collaboration with the ETSEQ master's degree.