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Curricular internships: Information for students

Requirements for being able to do an internship at the ETSEQ:


Description, schedule and duration of curricular internships in ETSEQ

Students must register for their curricular internships and they are awarded the ECTS credits specified on the curriculum. Students are supervised by their URV tutor and the company's supervisor.

Curricular internships are not necessarily remunerated. The applying company/institution voluntarily decides whether to pay students a study grant.

The student's activity is always educational, regardless of whether they are paid or not, which means that the relationship between the student and the company/institution is not one of employment. The student is engaged in an educational visit under the terms of a specific internship agreement.

The duration of the curricular internships is set in the curriculum of every degree and depends on the number of credits assigned to the subject. An external internship of 12 credits is equivalent to 300 hours at the company while an internship of 9 credits is equivalent to 225 hours.

The ETSEQ's professional master's degrees (MEQ and MEASE) aim for students to do their thesis at the same company where they are doing their internship and at the same time. Therefore, they are required to do 625 hours and 600 hours, respectively.

The period of the internship depends on the agreement between the company and the student, and it can be done at any time during the academic year from 1 September to 31 August. Students have to take an active part in the process and they should try to find a company and not only rely on the School. Please bear in mind that the internship timetable cannot overlap with university lectures. For this reason, particularly in the bachelor's degree, internships are often done in the summer except by those students, particularly in the fourth year, who are available at other times and have been given approval by the coordinator.

Students on the Master's Degree in Occupational Risk Prevention can begin their internships as from February, which is when they are thought to be able to apply the knowledge they have acquired.


How should students apply for external internships:

Fill in the following form

Send the receipt of registration (in pdf)

Send your CV

All the documentation should be sent to practiques.etseq(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat.


Processing the internship agreement

Students doing an internship at a third-party collaborating entity will need an internship agreement. The agreement must be requested through the following application form, which must be completed and sent to practiques.etseq(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat.

[Download apllication in Catalan]

The agreement will be processed by e-mail and the School will give both the company and the student the instructions on how and when to sign once it is ready. It must first be signed by the director of the ETSEQ and when it has been signed by all parties (ETSEQ, student and company) it must be returned to practiques.etseq(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat.

IMPORTANT: The processing of the agreement must be initiated at least one week-10 days before the start date of the internship.

August is a non-working month and no internship agreements can be processed.


Internship Report

Students are required to draft a report on their internship so that they can be assessed by their tutor and is largely the confirmation of all the information that has been communicated in the contacts between the tutor and the company supervisor /student.

The report must be submitted (unless the tutor says otherwise) within two weeks of the end of the internship. Whatever the case may be, talk to your tutor beforehand, since if the internship ends during the second half of August, you will have to hand in the report at the beginning of September so that your grades can be entered in time. The delivery of the report is subject to the closing date of the corresponding examination session.

If you are enrolled in the subject External Internship, you will find the report model with the content that must be included in the subject's Moodle space.

Bear in mind that the professional report should be written for a manager of the company - not necessarily a technical specialist - and that it should point out the importance of the work undertaken. Copies of calculations, computer outputs, operation manuals, etc. should not be included.

The final report must be submitted within 15 days of completing the internship. In any case, talk to your tutor beforehand, because the delivery of the report is subject to the closing date of the corresponding examination session.



The subject Internship can only be done once. It cannot be redone. Those students enrolled in the subject are by default a completion date of the month of June. If you anticipate not completing your internship by then, notify the secretary's office in the Sescelades Campus that you will not be finishing until September.

This application form is available in the administrative procedures section of the Sescelades campus secretary's office website (see link below). The deadline for filling it in is May 20.



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Further information

Students on the following degree programmes are required to do an external internship (links to the course guide):