Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Bachelor’s Degree in Food Bioprocess Engineering

Do you want to study the Bachelor's Degree in Food Bioprocess Engineering?

The degree programme in Food Bioprocesses is a pioneering course in Catalonia and we are the only university in Spain to teach it. The programme is structured in two blocks: 3 years + 1 year (180 + 60 ECTS credits).

The first block is the Bachelor's Degree in Food Bioprocess Techniques, which provides highly specialized training in food processing and biotechnological products in three years. As a food bioprocess technician, you will be able to design and apply efficient and environmentally friendly methods to produce and process biobased products, ranging from those intended as food to those that have come out of biotechnological research and development.

After the first block, there is an additional year which completes the training so you can qualify as a food bioprocess engineer with the professional qualifications that enable you to exercise the regulated profession of agricultural engineer. With the same attributions as the 240 ECTS pathway, you will be a graduate in Food Bioprocess Engineering.