BioCenit Research Lab.
Bioinformatics, biostatistics and
environmental chemistry & engineering


Innovation is disruptive, can come from anywhere and is collaborative

Francesc Giralt 

BioCenit Research Lab
Departament d'Enginyeria Química
Universitat Rovira i Virgili
Av. Països Catalans 26
43007 Tarragona, Catalunya


Tel: +34 977 558 458


Interest and Background

  • My research interests have shifted over the years, but always keeping an accent on complex and non-linear systems. Topics have become more interdisciplinary over time, involving chemistry, engineering, applied mathematics, physics, computer science and the application of sociotechnical systems approaches to city transformations. As a result, I am currently involved in modelling complexity from the nanoscopic and microscopic scales where engineered nanomaterials interact with biological systems to the macroscopic urban ecosystems where complex adaptive human behaviors emerge.

    The first nanoinformatics subject is carried out at the BioCenit Research Lab, University Rovira i Virgili. It aims at establishing techniques for modeling the interaction of nanoparticles with biological systems (biochemical pathways and biomolecular signatures) with a systems biology approach. The assessment of the impact of chemicals on human health and ecosystems is a complementary research topic.

    The second main area of activity about complex adaptive human behavior in cities is carried out at the City Protocol Society, an International California Non-Profit Corporation, multi-city, multi-partner, multi-cultural and scale-free that promotes, guides, and accelerates the responsible transformation of cities with cities, commercial organizations, academic and research institutions, and non-profit organizations working and learning together. My interest stems from the evidence that a Science of Cities in needed since Cities are a key hub to understand the complex network of human relationships (social, economic and political) that evolve under the accelerated impact of information and communication technologies. Cities are becoming a system of cities (i.e., the Internet of Cities) in a shared environment that must learn and innovate together, in collaboration with all stakeholders involved.

    The above research activities have always had an innovation component (i.e., being disruptive, open to all and collaborative) fueled by an innate curiosity about the technology market and the potential commercial value of ideas. As a result the following projects and results have been respectively managed and obtained:


  • Projects and contracts: 152 R&D+i projects funded by industry, 43 research projects funded by Research Agencies, and 67 consulting jobs

    Master and Doctoral Thesis: Supervision of 23 Master theses and 34 Doctoral/Ph.D. theses

    Conference Presentations: 254 papers presented at scientific meetings, 19 as invited keynote lectures

    Scientific Publications: 150 archival papers published I top scientific and education journals

    Innovation and entrepreneurship: 2 spin-off companies, 1 invention and 1 patent




  • Distinguished and Emeritus Professor at URV

  • Director of Society Affairs, City Protocol Society

  • Distinguished Researcher of the Generalitat de Catalunya

  • Researcher at the BioCenit Research Lab (URV)

  • Researcher at the Center for Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology (CEIN; UCLA)

  • Member of the Innovation Center Centre ATIC, Network TECNIO of CIDEM (Generalitat de Catalunya)

  • Member of AIChE, ASME, APS and ASEE



  • Enginyer Químic Diplomat (BEng/MEng), Institut Químic de Sarrià (1970)

  • Llicenciat en Ciències Químiques (BChem/MChem), Universitat de Barcelona (1976)

  • Master of Applied Science(MASc), Universitat de Toronto (1973)

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Universitat de Toronto (1976)

  • Doctor en Ciències Químiques (ScD), Universitat de Barcelona (1977)

  • Diplomat en Direcció i Gestió d'Empreses (MBA), ICT - Barcelona (1991)

Research Topics
  • Innovation and strategy management for nonprofits

  • Experimental and computational environmental engineering & chemistry

  • Nanoinformatics


  • Environmental/Ecological risk assessment

  • Non-linear dynamics, pattern recognition and classification in complex systems

  • Phisics of fluids and turbulent flows

  • Experimental and computational transport phenomena

  • Cooperative education

  • Mountaineering & MTB

  • Photography

  • Yoga Iyengar, Yoga in the Iyengar Tradition

  •  Cohen Y; Christofides PD; Giralt-Prat F.
    Advanced Monitoring, Optimization and Control of Membrane Desalination Processes
    UC CASE NO. 2009-079. USA.

  •  Roberto Coll Frances , Francesc Giralt , José Luis Peña Díez
    Bases lubricantes sintéticas por oligomerización de alfaolefinas con catalizadores metalocenos
    Spain Patent P200700763 • Issued March 22, 2007.

Selected Archival Publications
  •  Eom H-J; Roca CP; Roh J-Y; Chatterjee N; Jeong J-S; Shim I; Kim H-M; Kim P-J ; Choi K; Giralt F; Choi J (2015)
    A systems toxicology approach on the mechanism of uptake and toxicity of MWCNT in Caenorhabditis elegans
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  •  Fernández A; Giralt F; Rallo R (2015)
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  •  Kamath P; Fernández A; Giralt F; Rallo R (2015)
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  •  Gavalda X; Ferrer-Gener J; Kopp GA; Giralt F (2011)
    Interpolation of Pressure Coefficients for Low-Rise Buildings of Different Plan Dimensions and Roof Slopes using Artificial Neural Networks
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  •  Rallo R; France B; Liu R; Nair S; Bradley K; Damoiseaux R; George S; Nel AE; Giralt F; Cohen Y (2011)
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  •  Puigjaner D; Herrero J; Simó C; Giralt F (2011)
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