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The membrane technology has experienced in Europe, a steady growth in recent years and its application on an industrial scale has a good acceptance, especially in medical and public health fields (dialysis) and in water treatment (desalination plants seawater).

Separation processes using membranes offer several competitive advantages respect to traditional processes, because they involve a relatively cheap technology, environmentally friendly (low energy costs), can operate at room temperature and continuously. Still, most commercial membranes are not suitable for many different processes that can be applied.

METEOR has several experts in development (self-produced commercial membranes or modificatin) and study of membranes for specific industrial processes.



METEOR Innovation – Design of exclusive membranes. Preparation and controled obtention of diferent membrane types; flat polymeric and microcapsules

METEOR Classic – Membrane separation processes. Selection and use of commercial membranes (if apply) to carry out/assess/propose membrane separation processes or solving fouling problems

METEOR Plus – Membrane characterization. Morphological and physical-chemical characterization of membranes by various microscopy and informatics techniques, solute

SOFTEOR – Software . Software development for the automatization and control of membrane processes

METEOR Social – Scientific divulgation. Creation of software and others materials (adapted to the audience level) for the divulgation of membrane and polymer science




• In the chemical industry : for purification and / or separation of final products.
• In the pharmaceutical industry for synthesis and separation integrated processes.
• In the food industry : specifically in the wine.
• In the textile industry :
for waste water treatment.
• In
renewable energy field : for fuel cells, sea water desalinization plants, sustainable development
In biotechnological field : micro and nanotechnology to produce of micro and nanocapsules for cosmetic and drugs controlled release and in health related topic.
• In the health sector :
for preparing tissues for transplantations.


Preparation: flat membranes and micro capsules.

Use and selection of commercial membranes.

• Characterization of membranes:
  • Morphological (light microscopy and interpretation of images)
  • Mechanical Properties
  • Experimental characterization
• Tests on experimental plants with appropriate selective membranes

  • Fuel Cells
  • Membrane Bioreactors
  • Water treatment
  • Purification of lanthanides
  • Recovery of Cr2O3
  • Hydrogen purification
  • Purification of oligosaccharides
  • Enantiomeric separations
  • Controlled release of species of interest
  • Artificial photosynthesis
  • Smart membranes



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