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Meteor is a group of investigation of the DEQ (Department of chemical engineering of the URV)


3 permanent members: 3 university professors
2 postdocs
2 technicians
10 to 15 PhD students / master

Experts in membranes:
Dr. Ricard Garcia-Valls
Dra. Tània Gumí
5 researchers and students

Experts on topics directly related to membranes:
Dra. Marta Giamberini (synthesis and characterization of polymers), permanent

Dr. Ricard Garcia-Valls
Doctor in Chemistry, Membrane Separation Processes, Autonomous University of Barcelona, 1995
Postdoctoral: Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 1996 to 1998, Metal ion chelation with Lignin Derivatives
Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering
Director of ETSEQ
Member of the European Membrane Society (EMS)
Project Coordinator at the URV IMPULSE
Regular reviewer for the Journal of Membrane Science

Dra. Marta Giamberini
Doctor in Technology dei Materiali and Impianti Industriali, Heat-stable Materials with behavior liquid crystal, University degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II”, 1996
Ricercatore III Livello Professionale (equivalent to a Scientist of the CSIC), Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, 2000
Professor of Chemical Engineering, 2005
Member of the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry, the Spanish Group of Polymers and the Associazione Italiana Macromolecole

Evaluator of the European Commission and of the Agència de Gestió d' Ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca (AGAUR)
Regular reviewer of Polymer Engineering Science, the Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Polymer International, Polymers for Advanced Technology, Composites Science and Technology

Dra. Tània Gumí
PhD in Chemistry, Development and characterization of enantiomeric membranes, Autonomous University of Barcelona, 2004
Postdoctoral: Institut Européen des Membranes (Montpellier) 2005-2007, functionalized membranes (membrane bioreactors)
Professor of DEQ
Master in Business Administration (MBA)
Member of the European Membrane Society (EMS)
Review of the journal Separation Science and Technology

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