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AMIC Aplicacions Medioambientals i Industrials de la Catàlisis

AMIC expertise areas include Heterogeneous Catalysis and Materials.

AMIC has wide experience in Heterogeneous Catalysis, that allow us to confront all kind of environmental and process problems, from the main catalytic reaction such as
- selective hydrogenation
- selective dehydrogenation
- selective oxidation
- selective hydrodechloration
- isomerization
- aldolic and Claisen-Schmidt condensation
- etherification,
AMIC carries out the design, synthesis and characterization of the catalyst, as well as the evaluation of its efficiency, selectivity and life.

In addition, AMIC works in the synthesis of microporous and mesoporous materials such as zeolites, HMS, MCM, SBA, mesoporous cerium oxide, as well as hydrotalcites, activated carbon, high area aluminium fluoride, different phases of aluminium oxide.
We also work on nanomaterials such as Ag, Au, Pt, Cu and Pd nanocubes and other morphologies.
AMIC is an innovation centre of the Network IT-Cidem that works to offer key-in-hand solutions for environmental and industrial problems of the productive sectors.

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AMIC, Innovation centre - Building CTT, Foundation URV, Av. Països Catalans, 18, 43007 TARRAGONA
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