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AMIC Aplicacions Medioambientals i Industrials de la Catàlisis

MIC has the capacity to generate solutions for environmental and process problems thanks to its wide knowledge of the heterogeneous catalysis. Some of the solution developed by the centre are listed below.

Environmental solutions
Removal of the organic matter of effluent (COD reduction) by oxidation
Removal of halogenated organic compounds by hydrodechloration
Removal of nitrates/nitrites and ammonia from water by hydrogenation
Industrial solutions
Synthesis of products of interest for fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or petrochemical industry.
Synthesis of amines and imines by mononitrile and dinitrile hydrogenation
Selective hydrogenation of aldehydes and a-b unsaturated
Ibuprofen synthesis by enantioselective hydrogenation
Isomerization of terpenic, epoxide and aldehyde compounds
Synthesis of terpenic ethers by olefin etherification
Synthesis of aldehydes and epoxides by selective oxidation of olefins
Synthesis of a-b unsaturated, pseudoionone and flavanone by aldolic condensation
Selective hydrogenation of sugars
Synthesis of linoleic acid derivatives by selective catalytic dehydrogenation
Catalytic separation of oxygen-nitrogen from air
Synthesis and/or modification of materials with specific properties to be used in industrial processes as fine chemicals, green chemicals, adsorption/desorption, separation, waste treatment and other.

AMIC is an innovation centre of the Network IT-Cidem that works to offer key-in-hand solutions for environmental and industrial problems of the productive sectors.

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