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AMIC Aplicacions Medioambientals i Industrials de la Catàlisis

AMIC offers a wide range of services, associated to the technologies and solutions developed by the centre, such as
- design, synthesis and characterization of catalysts
- studies of catalyst efficiency, selectivity and life
- reaction and process studies at laboratory and pilot scale
- scale-up process
- process design, construction and assembly at industrial scale*
- adsorption/desorption studies
- syntheses of microporous, mesoporous and nanoporous materials
- characterization of solid materials.
* In collaboration with engineering and equipment construction companies.
AMIC is an innovation centre of the Network IT-Cidem that works to offer key-in-hand solutions for environmental and industrial problems of the productive sectors.

AMIC, Innovation centre - Building CTT, Foundation URV, Av. Països Catalans, 18, 43007 TARRAGONA
Tel. 977.55.86.41 - Fax 977.55.82.05 -