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AMIC Aplicacions Medioambientals i Industrials de la Catàlisis

The following equipment is available:

batch and continue reactors at bench and pilot plant scale, equipment for the characterization of solid materials and catalysts equipment for on-line reaction follow-up.

Equipment to follow-up reduction, oxidation and programmed thermal desorption using mass, IR and TCD detectors.
Reactor pilot     PILOT PLANTS Fisisorció de nitrogen     N2 PHYSISORPTION
Pilot plants (1 to 20 l/h) and laboratory plants (50 to 200 ml/h) are available, both equipped with batch and continue reactors prepared to work at high temperature and pressure.

Equipment for measuring BET area and pore volume by means of the physical adsorption of nitrogen in surface.
Difracció de raigs X     X-RAY DIFFRACTION     OTHER EQUIPMENT
Equipment for obtaining data on the structure of the catalyst or another material.
Temperature-programmed Desorption
Gas and Liquid High Resolution Chromatography
Microwave to accelerate reactions.

Quimisorció d'hidrogen     H2 CHEMISORPTION Microscopi electrònic de rastreig    SCANNING ELECTRON MICROSCOPY
Equipment for measuring superficial area and porosimetry by chemical adsorption.

Scanning Electron Microscope

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